The Natural Resources Sector is a core area of interest and strength for the Jasper team. During his Banking career Jason Peers has led well over USD15bn of complex structured trade, export, commodity and project financings in the Oil, Gas, Power, Water and Petrochem sector and subsequently has acted as founding CIO of a highly successful Natural Resources focused Investment Company. In that role he played a key role in developing and managing a full oil and gas exploration and production company in Texas.

Most recently he also acted as Interim CEO to lead the construction of a new metal refinery in Oman through to commissioning. He has acted as advisor to many major firms in the Sector. He was a pioneering lead lender to both the LNG and IPWA projects in the Gulf.

More recently Jasper’s focus has moved to supporting firms focusing on the exciting sectors of renewable energy and waste to energy projects. As a firm we are excited to play our role in “lighting up” Africa and developing a focus there in all sectors of activity, including renewable energy solutions. Within the developed world we are active in developing solutions that can reduce ‘peak demand’.

As a key element of our Built Environment strategy, we are developing proprietary clean construction materials and modular building solutions that will significantly improve the carbon footprint and sustainability of the construction industry.

We have a range of partnerships and client relationships across the full breadth of the pivotally important Natural Resources sector.